Dissemination of Information
AARDO disseminates information about its activities by bringing out and circulating various publications; hosting the profile on the website. All major publications are also e-circulated among various stakeholders. The activities undertaken during the period under review are as follow:

Publications: During October 2015- March 2016, the Organization brought out 12 publications

African-Asian Journal of Rural Development: This issue of the African-Asian Journal of Rural Development (July-December 2015) contains five articles, covering pertinent themes related to agriculture, rural development, poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood & development. The titles of these articles are: (i) Capacity building and e-Governance in Agriculture and Rural Development: An Informatics Blueprint for Developing Countries; (ii) Postharvest Handling and Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables; (iii) Prospects and Challenges of Supplying Turkey Meat to Consumer Market in Osun State, Nigeria; (iv) Livestock, Livelihood and Climate Change: Identifying Potential Synergies and Sustainable Market Mechanism for Food and Ecological Security in Developing Countries; and (v) Natural Disasters and Farmer’s Coping Mechanism: Case of Costal Zone of Bangladesh.

AARDO Factsheets: The AARDO Factsheet was updated and printed in all three official languages during the reporting period. The Factsheet contains concise information on AARDO activities and is handy information for visitors who wish to know AARDO at a glance.

Besides, the following publications were brought out during the reporting period:-

English: (i) Report of the Special Session of the Executive Committee; (ii) Report of the Special Session of the Liaison Committee

Arabic: (i) Annual Report, 2014; (ii) Report of the Special Session of the Executive Committee; (iii) Report of the Special Session of the Liaison Committee.

French: (i) Report of the Special Session of the Executive Committee

Bilingual (English & Arabic): (i) AARDO Newsletter, October 2015; (ii) Report of the Liaison Committee: 65th Session

E-Newsletter: In order to disseminate the activities of AARDO at a fast pace among stakeholders, an effort was made during the reporting period by launching e-Newsletter of the Organization, which was circulated among all the member countries, international organizations, regional offices, prospective member countries, centre of excellence and other stakeholders. The e- Newsletter was also uploaded in the website of the Organization

AARDO’s Blog World

The website was updated regularly in all three official languages of the Organization- Arabic, English and French by uploading information on technical and organizational activities.

Since social media is playing a crucial role in this era of technology in disseminating information, AARDO also has a facebook page and it updates its home page on regular basis and one can find all latest activities of the Organization on AARDO’s facebook. The facebook url of AARDO is: