Deputation of Experts
The deputation of experts from one member country to another is one of the important activities of this Organization. To facilitate this process, AARDO Secretariat maintains a data bank of experts and utilizes the services of experts who have been working in the specialized institutions in the member countries.

Deputation of Expert from India to Namibia : Development, Processing, Packing and Use of Organic Compost,20 February to 20 March 2017

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development has forwarded a proposal through High Commission of the Republic of Namibia, New Delhi, in December 2016 to AARDO for deputation of an expert on above titled subject from Native Establishment of Empowered Women (NEEW), Rajasthan, India to Namibia from 20 February to 20 March 2017.

Namibia is a semi arid country in Sub-Saharan Africa with low rainfall that varies from less than 50mm in the Southern-western coast to 700mm in the North-eastern parts and is steadily experiencing an exceptional decline in stable crops production, largely due to threats arising from climate changes and environmental degradation. Climate change leads to natural calamities which negative impact soil fertility leading to shortage of food especially in rural areas where two- thirds of the population lives. The majority of rural residents, particularly vulnerable groups such as female and youth headed households whose, livelihoods are further aggravated by socio-economic and cultural factors such as unemployment, lack of access to financial services and unequal access to land.

In supporting rural development, the government prioritized the development of agriculture and food security, reduction of extreme poverty as well as the protection of the rural environment in conformity with the high strategic documents of Sustainable Development Goals and vision 2030. Hence, various policies and programmes such as National Rural Development Policy and Support to Poor Rural Farmers to address the problems were developed. The deputation of experts is one of the steps to address the negative impact on soil fertility through use of Organic Compost.

Considering the importance and need, Mr. Jeetendra Singh Sevawat, President, Native Establishment of Empowered Women (NEEW), Rajasthan, has been deputed by AARDO to undertake the assignment from 20 February to 20 March 2017.

The expert will assist the Namibian Government to train the Trainers of Trainees, identified institutional workers, rural smallholder farmers in the development processing, packaging and use of vermin compost to enhance crop production and realize food self sufficiency. A total of 30 people will be trained as trainers and consequently be placed in all the 14 regions of country to train other institutional workers and small holder farmers in vermin compost making and organic farming. It is envisaged that, besides the expected high increase in crop production and yield, vermin compost will immensely boost soil fertility, reduce use of pests and fertilizers, and promote healthy rural environment. The expert will conduct trainers of trainee's theoretical training and guide the practical piloting in vermin-compost making and organic farming over a period of one month.