Member Relations
With the admission of Republic of Namibia, as a distinguished member of AARDO with effect from July 2016, the membership strength of the Organization has gone up to thirty two - sixteen countries from Africa, fifteen countries from Asia and one associate member from Asia, namely, Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC), Republic of Korea.

AARDO employs different communications means such as correspondence, personal contacts, utilising its presence at the workshops, seminars, international forums, to invite and encourage prospective member countries in the African-Asian region to come into its folds. In line with this approach, during the period under review, AARDO invited the esteemed Governments of Republic of Azerbaijan, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Republic of Tajikistan, Thailand and Uganda to favourably consider joining the Organization as its members.

In order to keep the prospective member country governments abreast with AARDO's latest activities, the AARDO Secretariat continued sending them AARDO publications like Newsletter, Annual Report, African-Asian Journal of Rural Development and other informative literature during the period under report. Further, the Secretary General paid courtesy calls on the heads of diplomatic missions of prospective member countries in New Delhi in order to persuade them to impress upon their governments to join AARDO as its members.