Study Visit
The organization of the study visits programme on specific requests from the member countries to study the achievements of the member countries in the field of agriculture and rural development, is one of the important activities of the Organization.

Study Visit Programme of Experts from Member Countries to Republic of China (Taiwan) on Technological Advancement in Agricultural Production System and Value Chain Management 13-19 November 2016

The esteemed Government of the Republic of China has been extending technical assistance to the member countries of AARDO by way of organizing study visit programme for their experts. The programme provides an opportunity to experts to study and observe the techniques and innovative methods, which are being followed in the Republic of China.

Considering the importance of this activity, a Study Visit on ‚ÄúTechnological Advancement in Agricultural Production System and Value Chain Management‚ÄĚ was organized by AARDO, in collaboration with the esteemed Government of the Republic of China during 13-19 November 2016 with the following objectives:

  • to observe, understand and learn the various technologies used in agricultural production system;
  • to study the best practices and application of new technologies based on case studies;
  • to study the models of small and medium on farm and off farm agro-based enterprises; and
  • to examine the marketing and value chain management system.
The study visit programme was attended by four (4) experts, one each from India, Palestine, Sri Lanka and Sudan.

The delegates got exposure to the advanced agricultural development programmes/models undertaken by the esteemed country. During their study visit, they visited various institutions i. e; Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), Soil and Water Conservation Bureau (SWCB), AVRDC-the World Vegetable Center, Taiwan Orchid Plantation, Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station, Xinshe Flower Sea Festival, etc. The participants have acquainted themselves with latest technologies being used in agriculture and rural development in Republic of China. In fact, experts were impressed by the advancement and work done by the esteemed country in the field of sustainable agriculture.