Deputation of Experts
The deputation of experts from one member country to another is one of the important activities of the Organization. Under this programme, AARDO provides services of the experts to the member countries on specific request from the concerned country in the field of agricultural and rural development.

During June 2015, the Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives (Cooperatives Division) of the Government of Mauritius through High Commission of Mauritius has requested AARDO to depute an expert from India on “Cooperative Sector” for a period of six months from August 2015 to January 2016. Accordingly, Regional Director of International Cooperative Alliance - Asia and Pacific, New Delhi has been requested to nominate an expert/consultant to assist Mauritius in the field. The consultancy services would be required to carry out a study of the cooperative sector in Mauritius to make recommendations for the restructuring & consolidation of the sector; and to provide necessary technical assistance. The expert would be required to assist in the following specific areas:

  • To review the cooperative sector in Mauritius in light of the development and diversification of the Mauritian and global economies;
  • To identify the short-term and long-term prospects of the sector;
  • To prepare a Five Year Master Plan for the Cooperative Sector;
  • To work out projects to be implemented by cooperatives aiming at the development and financial autonomy of the sector;
  • To provide guidelines to and assist cooperatives in the implementation of the projects;
  • To provide necessary training
  • The concerned stakeholders (if required); and
  • To make recommendations for the restructuring and consolidation of the sector.
The Organization has already suggested the names of few experts to the Government of Mauritius.