Financing of development pilot projects is one of the major activities undertaken by AARDO in its member countries. The Organization lays emphasis on encouraging member countries to undertake such projects which significantly contribute in their rural economy through alleviation of poverty, provision of good living conditions, creation of opportunities for income and employment generation, etc. Thus, the efforts are made to ensure that the projects should be need-based and aimed at improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries with their own active participation. It is envisaged that the implementation of the project will create awareness among the rural people and induce them to utilize their indigenous knowledge, available natural resources and capabilities to replicate such projects for larger benefits. The rural women's participation is also an important ingredient of AARDO's development projects. Therefore, AARDO makes every effort, while providing assistance for implementation of a project, to ensure that it eventually becomes self-sustaining. The maximum limit of AARDO's financial assistance is US dollars fifty thousands (US$50,000). As per modus operandi, AARDO's projects are implemented on cost sharing basis with the concerned host government/institutions as well as the beneficiaries.

AARDO sponsored on- going Development Projects:

i) Establishment of Rural Health Centre, Dassu, Kohistan, Pakistan;

ii) Setting-up of Vocational Training Centre at AHK NCRD, Islamabad, Pakistan; and

iii) Empowering Vulnerable Communities with Opportunities to Undertake Income Generating Ventures Intended to Mitigate Poverty and Food Insecurity, Zambia.