Dissemination of Information
AARDO disseminates information about its activities by bringing out and circulating various in-house publications; hosting the profile on the website. All major publications are also ecirculated among various stakeholders. The activities undertaken during the period under review are as follow:


During April- September 2015, the Organization brought out 13 publications.

This monograph contains the proceedings, expert papers and country papers presented in an international workshop on Climate Change and Agriculture: Adoption and Mitigation, organized by AARDO in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Sri Lanka in Colombo, Sri Lanka during 22- 26 September 2014. The expert papers include topics like Climate Change and Global Warming- Causes and Challenges, Climate Change and Food Security, Building Resilience in Rural Community in the context of Climate Change, Poverty and Gender in Fishing Communities with reference to Climate Change, Developing Climate Resilient Farming System. Besides, the publication also include country papers from Bangladesh, R.O. China, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malawi, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Zambia.

This issue of the African-Asian Journal of Rural Development contains five articles, out of which two articles have direct or indirect bearing on sustainable agriculture and food security. Those articles are- (i) Consumer Sovereignty and Determinants for Organic Rice Consumption in Taiwan and (ii) Food Crop Sector in Sri Lanka: Challenges and possibilities for Youth. The other articles figured in this issues are: Implementation and Impact of MGNREGA on the Rural poor: An Empirical Study in Six States of India , Speculative Agricultural Commodity Market- An Imperative to Integration and Constraints to Growth and Sustainability of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMES) in Nigeria: Perceptions of Entrepreneurs and Experts.

The booklet on Technical Work Programme, 2015.2016.2017 highlights the various technical programmes, approved by the 18th General Session of the AARDO Conference for implementation during the current triennium 2015-2017. It highlights the HRD programmes like International training prgrammes, Field/National level training programmes, International workshops/seminars, Regional level workshop, seminars, training prgrammes, Participatory technical cooperation programmes like study visits, etc, Development pilot projects, Research studies, and a host of other activities to be undertaken by the Organization. The lists of HRD activities to be undertaken are given at the end in a tabular form.

Apart from the above, the following publications were also brought out during the reporting period:-

English : (i) Report of the AARDO Conference: 18th General Session; (ii) Reports of the Executive Committee: 65th & 66th Sessions, (iii) Report of the Liaison Committee: 64th Session

Arabic : (i) Report of the AARDO Conference: 18th General Session, (ii) Reports of the Executive Committee: 65th & 66th Sessions, (iii) Report of the Liaison Committee: 63rd Session, (iv) Reports of Liaison Committee: 64th Session, (v) Technical Work Programme, 2015.2016.2017

French: Technical Work Programme, 2015.2016.2017

Bilingual (English & Arabic): AARDO Newsletter, April 2015

AARDO’s Blog World

The website was updated regularly in all three official languages of the Organization- English, Arabic and French by uploading information on technical and organizational activities.

Reports of al international/regional workshops (a total number of 57), organized between 1982- 2014 are now available on AARDO's Website.

The Facebook page of AARDO was also regularly updated.