Deputation of Experts
The deputation of experts from one member country to another is one of the important activities of this Organization. Under this programme, services of the experts are provided to the member countries on specific request from the concerned country in the field of agriculture and rural development. To facilitate this process, AARDO Secretariat utilizes the services of experts who have been working in the specialized institutions in the member countries.

Deputation of Expert from India to Mauritius

During December 2015, the Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives (Cooperatives Division) of the Government of Mauritius had submitted revised proposal through National Development Unit (NDU), Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Mauritius to AARDO to depute expert(s) on “Restructuring and Consolidation for Dairy Sector in Mauritius” for a period of two months.

Accordingly, Prof. Jabir Ali, Chairman, Management Development Programme (MDP), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, was deputed to visit Mauritius during 28 April to 21 May 2016 to conduct the study. According to the report submitted by Prof. Jabir in May 2016, dairy sector in Mauritius is very samall and domestic production of milk constitutes a negligible share of total consumption of milk and milk products. Dairy sector is largely categorized by traditional backyard system and there is ample opportunity to enhance the domestic milk production in the country. Livestock is being reared on different scales starting from the backyard breeding of cows to highly integrated animal farms. A variety of schemes are available with the government to promote dairy sector in the country.

The development of dairy sector through cooperative has greater capabilities to boost the domestic milk production. There are several primary livestock cooperative societies, where members are breeding cows either individually or jointly. However, they are mainly selling their milk to private vendors due to lack of cooperative dairy processing units. One cooperative livestock federation operates a milk pasteurization plant with a capacity of 1000 liters per day which is however, not utilized to its full capacity, due to lack of logistics support for procurement of milk from the primary livestock cooperatives. Dairy cooperative system has, thus, a great opportunity to tap the market potential of fresh milk market.

Based on the stakeholders’ analysis and field survey, structuring and consolidation of dairy cooperative sector has been proposed by implementing four sub-projects such as: i) Consolidation and Restructuring Plan for Dairy Cooperatives; ii) Doubling of Cooperative Milk Processing; iii) Development of Dairy Cooperative Logistics System; and iv) Dairy Cooperative Marketing Plan. The complete report will be uploaded on AARDO’s website.