Financing of development pilot projects is one of AARDO’s core activities undertaken in its member countries. AARDO’s projects are implemented on cost sharing basis with the concerned host government/institutions as well as the beneficiaries. The maximum limit of AARDO’s financial assistance is US$50,000 per project. The Organization lays emphasis on encouraging member countries to undertake such projects which significantly contribute in their rural economy through alleviation of poverty, provision of good living conditions, creation of opportunities for income and employment generation, etc.

Status of AARDO Assisted On-going Projects:

i) "Establishment of E-Learning Centre" at AHK National Centre for Rural Development, Islamabad, Pakistan

During the period under review, the AHK National Centre for Rural Development had submitted a fresh project proposal for “Establishment of E-Learning Centre” at NCRD, Islamabad and requested to consider replacement of the previously approved project on Setting-up of Vocational Training Centre.

As envisaged, the E-Learning Centre at NCRD will attract more trainees in different programmes at NCRD by using innovative techniques in distance learning. A combination of Computer-Assisted Instruction and Video Technology, being an important development in instructional media, will change the delivery of technical training. The E-Learning can be applied in a variety of ways for research and will be integrated to agriculture, environment, health, education, disaster, etc.

Considering the importance of the project and priority of the host country, the replacement of the project has been approved and it was conveyed to the AHK NCRD, Establishment Division (Prime Minister’s Office), Government of Pakistan on 29 June 2016. Accordingly, on receipt of request from the implementing agency, the second and final installment of AARDO’s grant of US$ 15,000 was released during August 2016 for completion of the project. It is worth to mention that the total amount of US$40,000 has been provided by AARDO for the project.

ii) Empowering Vulnerable Communities with Opportunities to Undertake Income Generating Ventures Intended to Mitigate Poverty and Food Insecurity, Zambia

The project aimed at empowering women and youth groups through formation of clubs with start-up capital to undertake income-generating ventures in order to help alleviating poverty and enhance food security. The main objectives of the project are:
  • to empower women and youth groups with start-up capital to undertake income generating enterprises;
  • to enhance entrepreneurship skills amongst the registered women and youth groups; and
  • to promote the food security at household levels.
An amount of US $40,000 was approved by AARDO for the implementation of the project. However, the implementation of the project had been delayed due to some administrative procedures and change in location. On 04th June 2014, a formal request was received from the nodal Ministry to change the location for implementation of the project from Kapoche Constituency, Petuak District to Mkushi District. Considering the request and implementation plan submitted by the Ministry, the first installment of US $20,000 was released on 20th June 2014 for the implementation of the project.

During April 2016, the Regional Office of AARDO for Southern Africa has submitted the second progress report of the project along with account of expenditure. As indicated, the procurement of building material for the construction of chicken run has been completed successfully. An amount of US$11,070 has been incurred on the activities such as procurement of hardware, timber & steel flat sheets, door & window frames, and on other activities of the project. The Regional Representative was requested to utilize the remaining amount of first installment and provide account of expenditure accordingly. Thereafter, the subsequent amount of US$20,000 would be released.