Dissemination of Information
AARDO disseminates information about its activities by bringing out and circulating various publications; hosting the profile on the website and subscribing new books/reports in the Library. All major publications are also e-circulated among various stakeholders. The activities undertaken during the period under review are as follow:

Publications: The following publications were brought out during the reporting period:-

English: (i) Annual Report 2015; (ii) African-Asian Journal of Rural Development, January-June 2016; (iii) Report of the Executive Committee : 67thSession; (iv) AARDO at a Glance (Revised Version)

Arabic: (i) AARDO at a Glance (Revised Version) (ii) AARDO at a Glance (Revised Version) iii) Annual Report 2015

French: (i) AARDO Constitution; (ii) AARDO at a Glance (Revised Version)

Bilingual (English & Arabic): (i) AARDO Newsletter, April 2016; (ii) Report of the Liaison Committee: 66th Session

Library: During the period April-September 2016, 31 new books/reports were added in the Library. With the addition of new titles, total collection in the Library has gone up to 7939 titles. Some of the new titles are : The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016: Contributing to Food Security and Nutrition for All”, “Arsenic in Drinking Water: A Case Study in Rural Bangladesh”, “Dynamics of Poverty : Cases from CIRDAP Member Countries”, “Agrarian Crisis in India: The Way Out”, “Sustainable Agriculture: Challenges & Prospects”, “Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) Research Summaries 2015”, “Review of Maritime Transport 2015”, UNCTAD Annual Report 2015: Delivering On A Sustainable Agenda”, “Regional Consultative Meeting: Sericulture Scenario in SAARC Region - A Re-Emerging Industry for Poverty Alleviation”, etc.

In addition to the books/reports, the Library has been regularly receiving 50 national and international periodicals like “Taiwan Review”, “SERICOLOGIA: Journal of Silkworms” ,“Co-operative Perspective”, “Africa Renewal” , “Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development”, “Journal of Rural Development (National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj)”, “Agriculture Today”, “Rural and Marketing”, “Agribusiness and Food Industry”, “World SME News” , “Economic & Political Weekly”, and “Yojana”.

AARDO’s Blog World

The website was updated regularly in all three official languages of the Organization (English, Arabic and French) by uploading information on technical and organizational activities. Besides, e-Newsletter, vol. 1, issue 2 April 2016 was also uploaded on the AARDO website. In addition, AARDO Facebook page has been updated on regular basis by uploading latest activities of the Organizaton.