From the Desk of Secretary General
Agriculture has been playing a pivotal role since time immortal in sustaining the livelihood and growth of humans, especially in the rural areas...
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Organizational Meetings

Details of Organizational meetings organised during April - September 2016
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Human Resource Development
AARDO organizes International / Regional Level Training Programmes, Field Training Programmes, Workshops / Seminars, Study Visit, etc. to read more click here
Development Pilot Projects

One of AARDO’s core activities undertaken in its member countries

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Dissemination Of Information
AARDO disseminates information about its activities by bringing out and circulating various publications; hosting the profile on the website.
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Feedback of the Participants

International Training Programme on “Sustainable Agriculture Strategies for Rural Development” in India, 2014.
It will increase my experience in planning agriculture strategy for the region as well as my responsibility and viewing Indian policies and other countries policies for implementing in Jordan.

Mr. Mahmoud Naem, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

International training programme on " Rice: Research to Production" in Republic of Philippines, 8 -26 August, 2016
By joining this course, my knowledge has grown and gained additional skills and more information in the field of rice. I've established positive relationship with International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and I would like my colleagues to gain the same skills and knowledge obtained from this course.

Mr. Yassir Mohamed Ahmed Elsheikh, Republic of the Sudan

International training programme on "Rice: Research to Production" in Republic of Philippines, 8 -26 August, 2016
The training course will help me in different ways by how to transfer and apply the new technology in plant breeding, agronomy, etc., in my country in order to increase output and decrease input to the field.

Mr. Taher Mohamed Abd El-Megeed, Arab Republic of Egypt

Masters Degree Programme at Park-Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul, Yeungnam University in South Korea, February 2015 - August 2016
The training is of immense help to me as an individual and to the government of Nigeria in general. First as an individual, it has widened my horizons thereby making me to be vast both in the areas of pure and social sciences. Secondly, it has inculcated in me a mindset which I can expressly say is development friendly. And lastly, it has accorded me some wealth of foreign experiences and connections with people from different parts of the world. On the side of the Nigerian government, the training if fully implemented (and hopefully will), will contribute greatly to the attainment of the desired development of her rural areas.

Mr. Mathias Akuma Sarverun, Federal Republic of Nigeria

International Workshop on " ICT Applications in Agriculture" in ICDF, Taipei, Taiwan, 22 June 2016 - 05 July 2016
It was an amazing experience to share experiences with participants of 22 countries with regard to agricultural economy, geography, culture, transportation system, health and medical services, political system etc. Efforts may be made for replication of SMART agriculture in my country also for reducing the labour drudgery and losses in agriculture caused by the insect-pest infestation. The concept of protected agriculture and RFID technologies in marketing of farm produces are important aspects of agricultural exports for the Taiwan and this system has the potentials for doubling the income of farmers of other countries wherein the farmers are deprived of reasonable price of their farm produce. I have greatly benefited from the lectures on automatic insect & pest monitoring system and field visit to Yujing Vapor heat transaction plant in Tainan. These experiences will be used in teaching, research, and extension back at home.

Dr. B. P. Singh, India