Deputation of Experts
The deputation of expert from one member country to another is one of the important activities of the Organization. Under the programme, AARDO provides services of the expert to the member countries on specific request from the concerned country in the field of agricultural and rural development. To facilitate this process, AARDO Secretariat utilizes the services of the experts who have been working in the specialized institutions in the member countries.

Deputation of Expert from India to Namibia : Addressing the Challenges of Agriculture Sector through Low Cost Organic Agriculture Practices in Namibia, 20 February to 20 March 2017

imageThe Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Namibia had forwarded a proposal through High Commission of the Republic of Namibia, New Delhi, during December 2016, for deputation of expert on “Development, Processing, Packing and Use of Organic Compost” from Native Establishment of Empowered Women (NEEW), Rajasthan, India to Namibia from 20 February to 20 March 2017. Considering the importance and need, Mr. Jeetendra Singh Sevawat, President, Native Establishment of Empowered Women (NEEW), Rajasthan was deputed by AARDO to undertake the assignment from 20 February to 20 March 2017.

After completion of assignment, the expert submitted a comprehensive report in May 2017. Accordingly to the report, expert assisted the Namibian Government to train the Trainers of Trainees, identified institutional workers, rural smallholder farmers in the development, processing, packaging and use of vermin compost to enhance crop production and realize food self sufficiency.

A total of 30 people have been trained as trainers and consequently placed in all the 14 regions of country to train other institutional workers and smallholder farmers in vermin compost making and organic farming. It is envisaged that, besides the expected high increase in crop production and yield, vermin compost will immensely boost soil fertility, reduce use of pests and fertilizers, and promote healthy rural environment. The expert conducted trainers of trainees' theoretical training and guided the practical piloting in vermin-compost making and organic farming over a period of one month. The detailed report has been uploaded on AARDO's website for the benefit of member countries and other stakeholders.

Databank Of Resource Persons / Experts

AARDO Secretariat is maintaining a data bank of highly qualified experts from African and Asian countries in rural and agricultural development. Presently, the AARDO Secretariat has bio data of more than120 experts in its panel with expertise in the field of Crop Science, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Agricultural Engineering, Plant & Soil Systems, Livestock & Range Development, Forestry, Water & Sanitation, Agricultural Economics, Macro Economics, Agriculture Extension, Women Empowerment, Land Reforms, Crops Insurance, Women Entrepreneurship, Agriculture Development, Micro & Macro Level Farm Mechanization, Natural Resource Management, Environment & Sustainable Development, Economic Development, Community Development, Plant Pathology, Climate Change, Water Resource Management, Agri-business, Agricultural Marketing, Monitoring & Evaluation, Research Methodology, Micro-Finance, Post-harvest Technology, Disaster Management, Cooperatives Development, etc. On a regular basis, new bio data of experts are added and their services are being utilized in various HRD's programmes of AARDO for benefit of the member countries.