Dissemination of Information
AARDO disseminates information on its activities both technical and organizational through (i) printing and circulation of publications, (ii) uploading its profile on the website and social media; and (iii) Library and Documentation delivery services. During the period under review, the following activities were undertaken.

Publications : The following nine (9) publications were brought out and circulated during the reporting period:


  • African-Asian Journal of Rural Development, January-June 2017
  • Annual Report 2016
  • Report of the Executive Committee : 68th Session
  • AARDO Constitution (reprint)


  • Annual Report 2016
  • Report of the Executive Committee : 68th Session


  • Financing of Development Pilot Projects - Brochure

Bilingual (English & Arabic)

  • AARDO Newsletter, April 2017
  • Report of the Liaison Committee: 68th Session
Library :

During the period under review, 08 new books/reports were added in the Library. With the addition of new titles, total collection in the Library has gone up to 7973 titles. Some of the new titles were: “ICID Annual Report 2015-16: Agricultural Water Management for Sustainable Rural Development”, “UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2016”, “Ministry of Panchayati Raj Annual Report 2015-2016” (India), “An Advanced Guide to Trade Policy Analysis: The Structural Gravity Model”, “BARD: Annual Plan 2016-17”, “Meeting our Goals: FAO's Programme for Gender Equality in Agriculture and Rural Development”, “The Future of Food and Agriculture: Trends and Challenges” and “Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Productivity Data book 2016”.

In addition to the books/reports, the Library has regularly been receiving 50 national and international periodicals like “Yojana”, “Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development (APJORD)”, “Africa Renewal”, “MARGIN: The Journal of Applied Economic Research”, “Co-operative Perspective”, “Agribusiness and Food Industry", “Economic and Political Weekly”, “Journal of Rural Development (National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj)”, “SERICOLOGIA: Journal of Silkworms”, “Agriculture Today”, “Taiwan Review”, etc.

During the period under review, the Library also searched, indexed and circulated 82 articles with its introductive summaries on agriculture and rural development from different national and international printed/ e-journals and magazines. The Library also classified and facilitated uploading of the articles appeared in African-Asian Journal of Rural Development, Vol.50, No.1 (January-June) 2017 in the website.

AARDO’s Blog World

During the period under review, organizational and technical activities of the Organization were updated and uploaded on the website in the three official languages (Arabic, English and French). These included nine (9) updates under the heading “Recent Activities” and two (2) updates under “Latest News”. Besides, six (6) publications brought out during the year and e-newsletter, April 2017 were also uploaded on the website. AARDO Facebook page has been updated from time to time by uploading latest activities of the Organization. The facebook url of AARDO is: