Under the Human Resource Development (HRD) Programme, AARDO organizes international/regional level training programmes, field training programmes, workshops/ seminars, etc. During the period under review, the international training programmes were attended by 53 participants whereas International/Regional/National Workshops were attended by 85 participants including one resource person. Besides, 03 participants also attended one of the programmes relating to Capacity Building Programme under Additional Technical Contribution provided by Government of India . The names of training institutions, topics of the courses along with number of participants who attended the programmes are given in Table 1 :

Table 1 : International Training Programmes
Sl. No. Name of Training Institute and Course Duration Participating Countries
1 Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) Cairo
1.1 Agricultural Services (01 April – 15 June) Ghana, Nigeria (Total 2 Participants)
1.2 Poultry Production and Health (10 July- 25 Sept.) Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan(2) (Total 5 Participants)
1.3 Rural Development (10 July- 25 Sept.) Bangladesh, Ghana, Jordan(2), Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Zambia Total 7 Participants)
2 International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training (ICPLST), Taoyuan, R O China
2.1 Regular Session on “Land Policy for Sustainable Rural Development”. (19 May – 16 June) Ghana, Malaysia, Mauritius, Zambia (Total 4 Participants)
2.2 Regular Session on “Agricultural Development and Policy” (29 Sept. - 27 Oct.) Malaysia, Sri Lanka (Total 2 Participants)
3 Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF), R O China
3.1 Workshop on "Farmers' Organizations and Rural Development " (22 June-05 July) Jordan, Nigeria, Palestine (Total 3 participants)
3.2 Workshop on "Plant Protection and Quarantine" (17-30 Aug.) Jordan, Mauritius, Malaysia , Sri Lanka (Total 4 Participant)
4 National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NIMSME), Hyderabad, India
4.1 Communication Skills in English and Tourism and Hospitality Management (07 Aug. -27 Oct.) Iraq, Jordan, Zambia (Total 3 Participants)
4.2 Communication Skills in English and Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (07 Aug. -27 Oct.) Iraq, Zambia (Total 2 Participants)
4.3 Empowerment of Women through Enterprises (04 Sept.- 27 Oct.) Iraq, Morocco, Zambia (Total 3 Participants)
5 National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR), Hyderabad, India
5.1 Empowerment of Women for Rural Development (3-30 July) Mauritius, Sudan, Zambia (Total 3 Participant)
5.2 Planning and Management of Sustainable Housing and Habitat Development (01-28 Aug.) Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan(2), Sri Lanka (Total 5 Participants)
5.3 Geo Informatics Applications for Rural Development(29 Aug. -09 Oct.) Iraq (2), Mauritius, Nigeria, Sri Lanka (Total 5 Participants)
5.4 Community Based Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Strategies (29 Aug.- 25 Sept.) Jordan(2), Iraq, Nigeria (Total 4 Participants)
6 International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Manila, Philippines
6.1 Rice: Research to Production (14 Aug. - 01 Sept.) Sri Lanka (Total 1 Participant)
7 Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute (TFRI), R. O. China
7.1 Aquaculture Technology and Industry Development (17-22 Sept.) Ghana (2), India, Jordan, Malaysia (2), Mauritius, Morocco, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Zambia (Total 12 Participants)
8 Mulungushi University, Kabwe, Zambia
8.1 Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (17-21 July) Bangladesh (2), Egypt (2), Ghana, Jordan (2), R O Korea (2), Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria (2), Oman, Palestine (2), Sri Lanka (2), Zambia and KRC, R. O. Korea, Pakistan (Total 23 Participants)
9 Regional Office of AARDO for North and Eastern Africa, Cairo, Egypt
9.1 Regional Workshop on "Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) in Agriculture Sector (02-07 July) Egypt (9), Jordan (3), Lebanon (2), Morocco, Oman (2), Sudan (2), Syria (Total 20 Participants)
9.2 National Workshop on "Capacity Building of Rural Women Leaders for Livelihood and Skill Development” (07-09 May) Egypt (30) (Total 30 Participants)
10 National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad, India
10.1 Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Rural Development Management (PGDRDM) Aug. 2017 – July 2018 Iraq, Sudan, Zambia (Total 3 Participants)