Regional Training/ Workshops/ Seminars

In view of the pressing needs of AARDO member countries and feedback from them, three (3) regional training/workshops would be organized in AARDO member countries during the triennium 2015-2017.

Themes of the international and regional programmes would be based on some current issues, related to socio-economic and technological advancement, such as:

  • Management of Water Resources in Rain-fed Areas: Challenges Ahead,
  • Climatic Change and Sustainable Agricultural Development,
  • Relationship between Climate Change and Food Security,
  • Trends in Low Cost Housing in Rural Areas,
  • Climate change, its impact on Development and Equity in Developing Countries,
  • Action Plan to achieve Food Security through Sustainable Agriculture,
  • Role of Agricultural Statistics in Food Security,
  • Poverty Alleviation: Policies and Programmes,
  • Potential for Poverty Reduction through Investment in Agricultural Water Management,
  • Agri-business and Value Chain Management,
  • Promotion of Agro and Food Enterprises for Sustainable Livelihood in Rural Areas,
  • Impact of Millennium Development Goals on Rural Development in African and Asian Regions,
  • Conservation of Natural Resources.
  • Rural Development: Challenges and Opportunities in 21st Century,
  • Development of Rural Infrastructure with Private Participation,
  • Human Resource Development: Policies and Strategies,
  • Micro-Finance and Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises,
  • South-South Cooperation: Transfer of Technology and Institutional Building,
  • Sustainable Livelihoods and Empowerment of Rural Women,
  • Geo-Informatics (GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing) Applications in Rural Development,
  • Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods,
  • Participatory Monitoring and Learning in Rural Development Programmes,
  • Rural Development Management and Good Governance,
  • Fisheries Resources Management,
  • Promotion and Management of Non-Conventional Sources of Energy in Rural Areas,
  • Promotion of Bio-diversity for Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development,
  • Natural Calamities and Disaster Management,
  • Role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Rural and Agricultural Development,
  • Indigenous Knowledge/Practices for Conserving Natural Resources,
  • Institutional Reforms and Capacity Building Approaches and Strategies for Rural Development,
  • Local Governance,
  • Malaysia’s Experience on Rural Economic Transformation through Rural Industrialization, Development of M&E, Village Tourism, Home Stay, etc.,
  • Female Child, Education and Health,
  • E-Learning in Agricultural and Rural Development, and
  • Other Relevant Themes.
The member countries are requested to kindly extend the offer to host the workshop on any of the above themes.