HRD Programme Venue Duration
A). International Training Programmes
1 Food Processing Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA), Cairo, Egypt 15 Jan–31 Mar
2 Empowering Rural Women  -do- 15 Jan–31 Mar
3 Vegetable Production -do- 15 Feb - 30 Apr
4 Project Analysis -do- 01 Apr – 15 June
5 Integrated Pest Management and Cotton Production  -do-  01 Apr – 15 June
6 Poultry Production and Health -do- 10 Jul - 25 Sept
7 Integrated Rural Development  -do- 10 Jul - 25 Sept
8 Animal Production and Health  -do- 01 Oct - 15 Dec
9 Fish Culture Development  -do- 01 Oct - 15 Dec
10 Soil and Water Management -do- 01 Oct - 15 Dec
11 Training & Study Visits on Desertification Desert Research Centre (DRC), Cairo, Egypt To Be Announced
12 137th Land Policy for Sustainable Rural Development International Centre for land Policy Studies and Training (ICLPST), R. O. China 27 Apr – 25 May  
13 134th  Regular Session on Agricultural Development and Policy  -do- To Be Announced
14 Workshop on Smart Argiculture Applications Taiwan International Cooperation Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) , R. O. China 16-29 Aug
15 Workshop on Application and Management of Smart Water  -do- 22 Aug - 04 Sept
16 Workshop on Clean Energy Development Strategies -do- To Be Announced
17 International Workshop on “Aquaculture Technology and Industry Development” Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute(TFRI), R. O. China To Be Announced
18 36th Training Course on “Vegetables Production: From Seed to Table and Beyond” AVRDC-The World Vegetable Centre, Bangkok To Be Announced
Module-I  “From Seed to Harvest”
19 Module-II  “From Harvest to Table” -do- To Be Announced
20 Planning & Promotion of Agro & Food Enterprises (PAFE) National Institute of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (NIMSME), Hyderabad, India 22 Jan-16 Mar
21 Training of Trainers in Entrepreneurship and Skill Development (ToT-ESD) -do- 22 Jan-16 Mar
22 Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM) -do- 22 Jan-16 Mar
23 Intellectual Property Management Strategies for SMES -do- 22 Jan-16 Mar
24 Communication Skills in English and Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (EPMSME) -do- 06 Aug - 26 Oct
25 Capacity Building for providing Alternative Livelihood Opportunities for Poor (CBALO) -do- 03 Sept - 26 Oct
26 Empowerment of Women through Enterprises (EWM) -do- 03 Sept - 26 Oct
27 Promotion of Micro Enterprises (POME) -do- 12 Nov 2018- 04 Jan 2019
28 SME Financing- Approaches & Strategies (SMEFAS) -do- 12 Nov 2018- 04 Jan 2019
29 Total Quality  Management & ISO 9001:  2015/ 14001/ 22000/ 27000 & Six Sigma (TQM) -do- 12 Nov 2018- 04 Jan 2019
30 Communication Skills in English and Tourism and Hospitality Management  (ETHM) -do- To Be Announced
31 Innovative Strategies for SME Development(ISSD) -do- To Be Announced
32 Training Methods and Skills for Managers (TMSM) -do- To Be Announced
33 Information Communication Technology for Rural Development  National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR),  Hyderabad, India 24 Jan –20 Feb
34 Participatory Rural Development -do- 24 Jan-20 Feb
35 Training Methodology for Development Professionals -do- 24 Jan-20 Feb
36 Participatory Planning for poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development -do- 21 Feb -20 Mar
37 Rural Credit for Poverty Reduction -do- 01 – 28 Mar
38 Planning & Management of Rural Housing & Habitat Development -do- 02 July - 12 Aug
39 Geo-informatics Applications for Rural Development -do- 02 July - 12 Aug
40 Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Rural Development  -do- 27 Aug - 23 Sept
41 Planning & Management of Rural Development Programmes -do- 24 Sept - 21Oct
42 Management of Rural Employment Projects and Poverty Alleviation -do- 22 Oct - 18 Nov
43 Good Governance and  Management of Rural Development Programmes -do- 22 Oct - 18 Nov
44 Community Driven Rural Development -do- 19 Nov - 16 Dec
45 Planning Management of Drinking Water and Sanitation Projects -do- To Be Announced
46 Community based Disaster Management: Mainstreaming & Risk Reduction Strategies  -do- To Be Announced
47 Geo-Informatics Applications for Disaster Management -do- To Be Announced
48 Empowerment of Women for Rural Development -do- To Be Announced
49 Sustainable Agriculture Strategies for Rural Development -do- To Be Announced
50 Fertilizer Quality Control Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute, Faridabad, India To Be Announced
51 Textile Mill Management  South India Textile Research Association (SITRA), Coimbatore, India 15 Oct - 14 Dec
52 Textile Testing and Quality Control -do- To Be Announced
53 Sustainable Rural Development (SARD) Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), R O Korea 29 Apr- 12 May
54 Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) -do- To Be Announced
55 Master’s Programme in Leadership, Policy and International Development PSPS, Yeungnam University, R. O. Korea To Be Announced
56 Rural Transformation: The Malaysian Experience Institute for Rural Advancement (INFRA), Malaysia  To Be Announced
57 Rice: Research to Production  International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines To Be Announced
58 Rice  Production Basics -do- To Be Announced
B). International/Regional Workshops/Seminars/Forum
1  APAP Roundtable Meeting To be Decided To Be Announced
2 17th Asia Pacific Agricultural Policy (APAP) Forum  Seoul, R O Korea To Be Announced
3 International Workshop-cum-Training program on “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Financial Inclusion and Rural Transformation” Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), KoTo Be Announcedri, Bangladesh 17- 28 Feb
4 Regional Training Programme on “Green Innovation in Agriculture and Rural Development” Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra, Bangladesh, 1-12 Apr
5 International Workshop-Cum-Training Programme on “Disaster Risk Reduction & Management” Mulungushi University, Kabwe, Zambia 16-21 July
6 International Workshop-cum-Training programme on “Irrigation System and Water Management” Akhtar Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development(AHK-NCRD), Pakistan To Be Announced
C). Study Visits/Deputation of Experts
1 Ornamental Fish Farming Republic of China (Taiwan) to Mauritius Sept
2 Study Visit on Agribusiness and Value Chain Management Member Countries to Republic of China (Taiwan) Sept./Oct
3 Seed Testing Technology Accredited by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) Jordan To Be Announced
D). Capacity Building Programme under Additiional Contribution by Government of India
i) Training Courses
1 Seed Production and Quality Evaluation Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India 14-28 Jan
ii). International Workshop-cum-Training Programme
2 Workshop-cum Training Programme on “Water Resource Management for Sustainable Development”  National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR),  Hyderabad, India 12-25 Feb
3 Workshop-cum Training Programme on “Fisheries and Aquaculture” Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Kochi, Kerala 14-28 Mar
iii) Post Graduate Diploma Programmme
1 Post Graduate Diploma Programmme in Rural Development Management National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD & PR),  Hyderabad, India Aug 2018 - July 2019
E). AARDO Meetings
1 Liaison Committee : 71th Session AARDO Secretariat, New Delhi, India 21 Mar
2 AARDO Conference: 19th General Session Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1- 3 Mar
3 Executive Committee : 69th & 70th Sessions Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 26-28 Feb
4 Mar
4 Liaison Committee : 72nd Session AARDO Secretariat, New Delhi, India 16 Aug.