Dissemination of Information

Dissemination of information has been a regular activity of AARDO. The Organization utilises three main medium to disseminate information, namely, bringing out its own publications, sourcing books and periodicals for the Library, and hosting its profile and activities on the internet.

During the triennium, it is proposed to further improve quality of AARDO publications by latest printing technologies and innovative designs. Besides, new institutions/universities working in the field of agriculture and rural development will be identified to exchange publications for mutual benefits. The AARDO Library will continue to source latest books and journals on subjects, specifically relating to technical activities of the triennium and fully computerize its indexing and cataloguing services by sourcing latest version of CDS/ISIS software. Brief information on the latest books/reports received in the Library will continue to be uploaded on the website for wider dissemination.

The website of AARDO, the fastest medium for dissemination of information provides information about the Organization and its technical programmes. During the triennium 2015-2017, the website will be made more informative and interactive by developing hyper-links with AARDO's centres of excellence and other rural development institutions for sharing information resources on regular basis. More information will also be uploaded in Arabic language on the website in order to make Arabic speaking member countries more interactive.

Networking with rural development institutions, universities, research organizations and AARDO's centres of excellence would be strengthened during the triennium. This will be done through creation of a data bank of these institutions with a view to exchange information such as success stories or best practices, low cost technologies, application of information technology in rural development, capacity building of national institutions in the areas of rural development, capacity building of local governments (Panchayati Raj Institutions), latest news and views, pictures, etc., through internet and other means.