Technical Programme Committee (TPC)

The Technical Programme Committee (TPC) was formed in 2007 based on the recommendations of the 56th Session of the AARDO Executive Committee held in Amman, Jordan on 20-22 August 2007. TPC consists of heads of the AARDO's centres of excellence, representatives of AARDO's Regional Offices and other relevant institutions. Its meeting is chaired by the Secretary General, AARDO. Four meetings of TPC have been held to review their respective previous trienniums as well as give recommendations for the ensuing triennium. The report of the TPC is finally placed before the AARDO Conference along with the budget estimates for its approval, after review by the Liaison Committee and the Executive Committee.

The next TPC meeting, fifth in the row, is scheduled to be held in a member country in African continent during 2016 to review programmes of the current Triennium (2015-2017) as well as to make recommendations for the next triennium (2018-2020).