AARDO is a democratic organisation with members holding supreme authority within the framework of the Constitution. The basic organs of the Organization include: (i) the AARDO Conference; (ii) the Executive Committee; (iii) the Secretariat, besides the Liaison Committee. The membership of the Organization is open to all countries of the Afro-Asian region provided that it is a full or associate member of the United Nations or any of its specialised agencies, organisations and foundations concerned with the development of rural communities.

The AARDO Conference is comprised of all members. The supreme authority regarding all matters relating to the Organization vests in the AARDO Conference. It determines the policy and programmes of the Organization; approves its budget and technical work programmes and exercises full control over the finances of the Organization. The Conference elects the President, two Vice-Presidents, one each from Africa and Asia and members of the Executive Committee. The General Session of the AARDO Conference is required to be held within 36 months, alternatively, in the continents of Africa and Asia on the basis of invitations received from its members.

The Executive Committee : The President, the two Vice Presidents, and ten members constitute the Executive Committee. The term of the Executive Committee is in co-existence with the AARDO Conference. This Committee deals with all matters, which are entrusted to it by the AARDO Conference, and takes all steps to implement the decisions and policies of the Conference.It enjoys all the powers of the Conference during the interval of two (2) consecutive General Sessions of the AARDO Conference. The Committee meets normally once in a year however one session preceding the AARDO Conference and one session immediately after the conclusion of the AARDO Conference is to be held.

The Liaison Committee is the general body of all the representatives of the diplomatic missions of the member countries located in India, and the representative of the Government of India. It is an advisory body whose main function is to guide the Secretariat. The other functions of the Liaison Committee are to review the activities of the Organization and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee.

The Secretariat of the Organization is located at New Delhi, India. The Secretary General is the Chief Executive having the duty to implement the policies and programmes of the AARDO. He/she functions as the Member Secretary to the AARDO Conference, the Executive Committee and the Liaison Committee. The Secretariat has qualified and professional personnel to implement the policies and programmes of the Organization under the overall guidance of the Secretary General.

For better coordination and implementation of its Work Programme, the Secretariat is assisted by six regional offices set up by AARDO, three in Africa and three in Asia. These regional offices are located at: Accra, Republic of Ghana for the Western Africa; Lusaka, Republic of Zambia for the Southern Africa; Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt for the North-Eastern Africa; Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the Middle East, Seoul, Republic of Korea for the Far East and Islamabad, Pakistan for the South and Central Asia. The main objective for establishing the regional offices has been to ensure that the true image of the Organization is constantly projected; ensure that the concerned countries remain assured of the services which AARDO renders; assist in publicising the activities and programmes of AARDO in view of the vastness of the Afro-Asian region; locate problems of the region and make recommendations to the Secretary General of AARDO for solving them; and assist in the execution of approved programmes, including organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. The Regional Offices are headed by Honorary Regional Representatives in their respective countries.

The current composition of AARDO's organisational set up is in the following table :



Republic of Mauritius

People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Arab Republic of Egypt Republic of China (Taiwan)
Republic of Ghana Republic of India
Republic of the Sudan Republic of Lebanon
Republic of Tunisia Sultanate of Oman
Republic of Zambia State of Palestine
Member Secretary 
Secretary General, AARDO

H.E. High Commissioner of Malaysia in India
Vice Chairmen
H.E. High Commissioner of Republic of Mauritius in India H.E. High Commissioner of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in India
Heads of Diplomatic, etc., Missions of member countries in India and and the representatives of the Government of India, and of any other India-based Organization which may hold the Membership of AARDO.
Member Secretary
Secretary General, AARDO
Secretary General
H.E Eng. Wassfi Hassan El Sreihin

Assistant Secretary General
Dr. Manoj Nardeosingh

Country Region Name of the Regional Representative
Seoul, R O Korea Regional Office for Far East Mr. Yoo, Byung-Rin
Amman, Jordan Regional Office for Middle East H.E. Eng. Walid Abel Mahmoud Alatoom
Islamabad, Pakistan Regional Office for South and Central Asia Mr. Israr Mohammad Khan
Cairo, Egypt Regional Office for North Eastern Africa Mr. Mohamed Hassan Rashwan
Accra, Ghana Regional Office for Western Africa Mr. Ayarik James Kwame
Lusaka, Zambia Regional Office for Southern Africa Mr. Collins. A Mulonda

Member Contact Ministry
Burkina Faso Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources, Sanitation and Food Security, Ouagadougou
Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Social Solidarity, Cairo
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Addis Ababa
Republic of Gambia Ministry of Local Government and Lands, Banjul
Republic of Ghana Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Accra
Republic of Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nairobi
Republic of Liberia Ministry of Internal Affairs, Monrovia
Libya Ministry of Agriculture, Animal & Marine Wealth, Tripoli
Republic of Malawi Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Lilongwe
Republic of Mauritius Prime Minister's Office (National Development Unit),Port Louis
Kingdom of Morocco Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, Rabat
Republic of Namibia Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Windhock
Federal Republic of Nigeria Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abuja
Republic of Sierra Leone Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Freetown
Republic of the Sudan Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Khartoum
Republic of Tunisia Ministry Of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries
Republic of Zambia Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development, Lusaka

People's Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives, Dhaka
Republic of China (Taiwan) Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taipei
Republic of India Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi
Republic of Iraq Ministry of Agriculture, Baghdad
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Amman
Republic of Korea Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Seoul
Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Agriculture, Beirut
Malaysia Ministry of Rural Development, Putrajaya
Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Muscat
Islamic Republic of Pakistan The Secretary, Establishment Division , Islamabad
State of Palestine Ministry of Agriculture, Ramallah
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Ministry of Agriculture , Rajagiriya
Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reforms, Damascus
Republic of Yemen Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Sana'a
Associate Members
Korea Rural Community Corporation, R O Korea
Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS), Sudan