Research Studies

AARDO will undertake research studies on themes which are relevant to most of the member countries. These studies will be undertaken in collaboration with research institutes, universities, and NGOs located in member countries. The possible areas for research studies are:

  1. Climate change and Sustainable Agricultural Development,
  2. Globalization and its Impact on Small and Medium On Farm and Off Farm Agro-based and Cottage Enterprises in AARDO Member Countries,
  3. Socio-Economic Issues having Implications on Rural Development,
  4. Socio-Economic Issues for Women Development,
  5. Empowerment of Rural Youths and Child Development,
  6. Public Awareness towards Development, Education and Health (HIV, AIDS,etc.),
  7. Climate Change and its Impact on Natural Resources (Scarcity of Water, Land, Densification, Soil Degradation, etc.)
  8. Evidence Based Interventions for Agriculture and Rural Development in AARDOMember countries,
  9. Bio-remediation and bio-herbicides,
  10. Impact of Agricultural and Rural Development Programmes on Small Farmersand Rural Poor,
  11. Sharing of Natural Resources, particularly Community Resources,
  12. Climate Change and its Impact on Household Food Security and Livelihood,
  13. Scarcity of Professional Human Resources in Rural Areas,
  14. Inter-Country Comparisons with regard to Rural Development,
  15. South-South Cooperation: Transfer of Technology and Institutional Building,
  16. Indigenous Knowledge/Practices for Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood,
  17. Convergence for Rural Development,
  18. Institutional Reforms in the form of Local Government Institutions and Community Based Organizations,
  19. Water Demand Management in Drought Conditions Using Organic Mulches on Wheat Crops to Enhance Soil, Water and Nutrient holding Capacity, and
  20. Agro-Forestry. Social Forestry and Carbon Trading,
  21. High Density Horticulture,
  22. The New Extension Approaches for Rural Development
  23. Local Economic Development,
  24. Other Areas to be identified by the Member Countries/Research Institutions as per the Mandate of AARDO.