Most of the countries in the African-Asian region have significantly improved the quality, knowledge, skills and competencies of their human resources during the last 3-4 decades. Yet, there are many challenges to be overcome in order to achieve sustainable development. These, among others, include climate change, gender inequality, unemployment particularly youth unemployment, natural disasters, environmental degradation, information technology, WTO and Globalisation, etc. In a nutshell, the developing countries in the African-Asian are in need of technical assistance to overcome the challenges and further strengthen their rural policies and programmes. AARDO through its diverse activities and programmes, supplements the efforts of its member countries and provides ample opportunities to the officials/experts from member countries to jointly discuss their problems, learn from the experiences of other countries, exchange views, ideas, information and develop understanding among them for exploring collectively opportunities for coordination of efforts towards promotion of rural and agriculture development.

Human resources are very vital for the success of any programme. Many developing countries are still facing the problem of capable and more productive human resources. Institutional capacities to upgrade the skill and knowledge of the existing human resources in many countries are also lacking. Therefore building up the capacities of the human resources and strengthening the institutional capacities remains a challenge for these developing countries. AARDO, as a policy matter continue to play the role of catalyst in developing human resources in its member countries It has been AARDO's endeavour to supplement the efforts of its member governments and international community in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).Accordingly AARDO's technical programmes during the last four trienniums were directed to achieve AARDO's Mid Term Vision and MDGs. The AARDO' New Delhi Declaration 2012, also addressed to some of the MDGs and SDGs. And subsequently triennium 2018-2020 is being guide by this Declaration.