Special Services

AARDO has been working in the field of rural and agriculture development for more than fifty years in African-Asian region in a variety of areas. This, among others, includes capacity building programmes, deputation of experts, study visits, research studies, development pilot projects, collaboration and networking with other organizations, documentation of information resources including e-documentation services, etc. Besides, the Organization has a data bank of more than 120 experts who are specializing in different subjects like Agricultural Engineering, Agribusiness, Horticulture, Livestock, Rural Development, Rural Entrepreneurship, Crops Management, Agricultural Development, Irrigation, Small and Medium Enterprises, Micro Credit, etc. and their services are utilized as and when required. In addition, there are 27 AARDO's Centres of Excellence which are conducting national/international training programmes in the field of rural and agriculture development.

Backed by the solid experience and availability of services, AARDO envisages to enter into the areas of consultancy services to any company/organization/corporation at national, regional and international level in line with its policies and programmes. This will help to mobilize additional financial resources. In the past also, AARDO had raised additional resources by implementing activities on behalf of other organizations. For example, AARDO had implemented Poverty Alleviation Training for Asia and the Pacific (PATAP) for capacity building of the Project Managers of IFAD funded projects in South Asia. Similarly, on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2012 and prior to that in 2007, AARDO Secretariat had generated revenue from advertisement to partially fund its publications.

The AARDO to provides following special services to various types of institutions including country governments, private companies etc., engaged in the field of agriculture and rural development: A brief write-up on relevant institution working in the field of energy resources , agriculture research, ICT in agriculture: