Development Pilot Projects

Financing of development pilot projects is one of the major activities undertaken by AARDO in its member countries. AARDO lays emphasis on encouraging the member countries to undertake such projects which would make significant contribution in the development of their rural areas and contribute effectively in alleviation of poverty, providing good living conditions, income and employment generation, etc. Under this programme, AARDO provides financial assistance up to a maximum of US$ 50,000 (US Dollars fifty thousand) per project as approved by the Fourteenth (14th) General Session of AARDO Conference held at Cairo, Egypt during 16-17 September 2002. Although, the projects are undertaken on a limited scale, they help the member countries to introduce new technologies, replicate proven technologies, develop infrastructure, promote micro-enterprises, skill enhancement and generate employment for the rural people to alleviate poverty.

AARDO had introduced 'micro-credit' model in the year 2000 to help its member countries in their efforts towards alleviation of rural poverty. Under this model, beneficiaries of the project are given loan on "no-interest, no-collateral" basis. The beneficiaries are required to repay the interest-free loan to the implementing agency over a period of time. This loan is, thus, treated as a revolving fund and deposited in a bank. Recipient country hence gets an opportunity to replicate the project either in the same location or elsewhere. AARDO has successfully financed some projects based on micro-credit as a significant component. These projects have yielded good results.
An important feature of the development pilot projects to be sanctioned during triennium 2018-2020 will be the allocation of suitable amount for the monitoring and evaluation of these projects. Further, the development pilot projects would be based on partnership basis among AARDO, concerned government, community/the beneficiaries and the financial institutions.

Considering the importance of the activity AARDO would take up a maximum of twelve (12) development pilot projects in the member countries during the triennium 2018-2020. AARDO is also making efforts to collaborate with economically sound member countries and other agencies to finance some of the projects.