Participative Technical Cooperation Programmes
Study Visits

Study Visits for Experts, Scientists and Senior Government Officials from Country to Country

AARDO has been organizing the study visit programme on a specific request from a member country to study the achievements in the field of agriculture/ rural development and allied fields in another member country. The visits are organized for duration of one week and each visit programme may consist a maximum of 2 members. Two (2) study visits at international level and four (4) at regional level in each region will be undertaken annually. Under the programme, both-ways airfare is met by AARDO. Expenses on local hospitality such as board and lodging, local transportation etc. are to be met by the host country Government. In the event of the host country government unable to meet the expenses on local hospitality, AARDO meets the said expenses too. Considering the importance of programme, the study visits programme will continue during the triennium 2018-2020. The study visit may preferably cover the following areas:

S.No Areas of Study Visit
1 Application of ICT in Agriculture
2 Community Mobilisation
3 Social Forestry
4 Functioning of Agricultural/Dairy Cooperatives,
5 Agrarian Reform
6 Micro Credit and Poverty Alleviation
7 Land Reclamation to Increase Food Supply
8 Income Generation and Employment Creation
9 Successful Model of Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation
10 Management of Rural Development Programmes
11 Post-harvest Management
12 Organic Farming
13 Apiculture
14 Sericulture
15 Land Reform Programmes
16 Local Governance
17 Integrated Pest Management
18 Agri-business
19 Sustainable Agriculture Development
20 Promotion of Small and Medium (On Farm and Off Farm) Agro-based Enterprises
21 Women and Child Development
22 Research and Development in Agriculture and Technology Transfer
23 Self-Reliant Village
24 Saemaul Undong
25 Cooperatives in Development
26 Rural Transformation Programmes
27 Any other relevant field

Ministerial Level Study Visit Programme to Republic of China
The Government of Republic of China has been hosting Ministerial Level Study Visit Programme for duration of one week since 1990. Under the programme, Ministers, Vice/Deputy Ministers and high-level dignitaries from the Ministries responsible for AARDO affairs visit Republic of China to observe the achievements made by it in the field of agriculture/rural development. All expenses for the programme are met by the Government of Republic of China. The programme will continue to be organised during the triennium 2018-2020.

Study Visit Programme of Experts to the Republic of China
The Government of Republic of China has been extending technical assistance to the member countries of AARDO by way of organizing study visit programme for five experts from member countries every year. The programme provides an opportunity to the experts to study and observe the techniques and innovative methods, which are being followed in the Republic of China. Under the programme, while the beneficiary countries will meet their experts' inward journey airfare (from respective countries to Taipei), AARDO will meet the expenses on return air journey. The expenses on local hospitality which includes board and lodging, local transportation, etc., will be borne by the Government of the Republic of China. The programme will continue during the triennium 2018-2020.