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STRENGTHEN INSTITUTIONAL NETWORKING FOR RURAL                                            Comment

Friday, July 5, 2013
The information technology (IT) revolution has rapidly expanded the knowledge and information base and its accessibility has accelerated the overall development. Networking based on up-to-date technology greatly helps in facilitating the speedy transfer of latest information and accumulated material for the larger benefits. Networking has proved to be an indispensable source for creating better understanding, cooperation and collaboration among different parts of the world. Institutional networking among the African and Asian countries can bring them closer to help each other particularly in their policies and programmes on agricultural and rural development. Therefore, networking among the countries, institutions and organizations in the Afro Asian region has become an imperative to further strengthen the existing cooperation and collaborations and create new linkages and promote mobilization of resources in order to accelerate the rural development. With this in view, African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) envisages to organise international workshop on "Strengthening Institutional Networking for Rural Development in Afro-Asian region" with the following objectives:
1. To provide forum for exchange views and ideas for strengthening institutional networking among stake holders for sustainable rural development in the Afro Asian region;
2.To enhance cooperation and collaboration among countries, institutions, international and regional organizations working towards rural development in the region;
3.To strengthen knowledge-base and database essential for formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development plans, strategies, policies and programmes in the member countries;
4.To speed up transfer of acquired data, knowledge and technology, and mobilization of resources to accelerate the pace of rural development; and
5.To formulate an action plan for achieving the objectives.

In order to further enrich the contents of this workshop, AARDO welcomes your valuable suggestions, comments, expert guidance, etc., in the form of text, photos, videos or graphics.