Keeping in view the socio-economic scenario of the developing countries of Afro-Asian region, AARDO is mandated to address both agriculture and rural development. AARDO should make "Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development" of its member countries as its main goal. In line with this goal, the Organization should have its own Vision and Mission that would provide proper direction to the activities of the Organization and the results it can achieve. As a result, the Vision and Mission of AARDO should be as follows:


The Vision of AARDO is "to improve the quality of life " of the rural people in the Afro-Asian member countries of AARDO.


The Mission of AARDO is to catalyse efforts of the Afro-Asian countries, to help them "restructure their rural societies and to reconstruct the economy of their rural people", by launching concerted, and wherever possible, cooperative action with determination, by the member countries of the Afro-Asian region.