Membership Procedure

The membership of AARDO consists of countries from African and Asian continents. There are, thirty three members; seventeen from Africa and fourteen from Asia as full members and two Associate Members. Every country of Africa and Asia which is full or an associate member of the United Nations system or any of its specialised agencies can join AARDO as its associate member by filling the prescribed application form. Countries falling outside the Afro-Asian region, as well as organisations and foundations, can also join as associate members. The membership can be held by the government of a country or with the approval of the government, by a governmental or non-governmental apex level organisation of farmers and other rural people interested in rural development. Members enjoy equal rights and are expected to fulfil their financial obligations. Associate members,however, do not have voting right.

(Associate Member)

Dear Mr.Secretary General,

1. On behalf of the * I hereby notify the acceptance of the Constitution of the African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO), first approved by the 2nd Afro-Asian Conference of Rural Reconstruction held in March, 1962 at Cairo, Egypt, and subsequently amended by the 5th General Session of the AARDO Conference held in Manila, the Philippines between February 24-March 3, 1975, by the 11th General Session of the AARDO Conference held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between 8-11 February, 1993, by the 14th General Session of AARDO Conference, held in Cairo, Egypt during 16-17 September 2002, by the 16th General Session of AARDO Conference, held in New Delhi, India during 6-9 January 2009, and by the 17th General Session of AARDO Conference, held in Cairo, Egypt during 31 January-02 February 2012.

2. According to the provisions contained in Article II Membership Clause
@ my Organization, being eligible, might be admitted to the Organization as an Associate Member of AARDO.

3. The membership of my/our Organization would be effective from the first day of ^, for purposes of payment of membership contribution. As required, the consent of the government  . , to joining AARDO has been obtained and a copy of the relevant decision is attached.

4. I do hereby agree that on being accepted as an Associate Member of the Organization, my/our Organization would become fully committed to the provisions of the Constitution, including the payment of the Membership Contribution #  , due as per the Constitution and the Rules framed thereunder.

5. Please arrange to acknowledge receipt and also convey the acceptance of membership of my/our Organization at the earliest.
Yours faithfully,
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The Secretary General
African-Asian Rural Development Organization
2, State Guest Houses Complex
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021
* Please indicate the full name of the Government and the country.
@  Please indicate the relevant Clause(s) of the Article II Membership.
^  Please indicate the Year.(The Membership Contribution would, ordinarily, be payable for the whole year.)
.  Full Name of the country and the government.
#  Amount to be mutually settled.