In order to digitalise the records of the AARDO Secretariat, the Organization has started converting its documents into e-format. In addition to English language publications, a good number of publications in Arabic and French languages were digitized too. In this process, more than 32,000 pages, were converted into e-format which includes reports of the AARDO Conference (18), Executive Committee (70 Regular Sessions and three Special Sessions), Liaison Committee (68) Regular Sessions and One Special Session), Annual Report (31 issues), Compendium (4 issues) and Reports of International Workshops (54), Reports of Regional Workshops (5), Research Studies (6), AARDO Newsletters (16 Bilingual (Arabic, English and 1 French). African-Asian Journal of Rural Development (111 issues), Special Publications, etc. All the e-publications are readily available on AARDO's website except reports of the organizational meetings.