International Workshops / Seminars

The organization of international and regional workshops/seminars on various facets of rural and agricultural development promotes further cooperation and understanding among the member countries for better appreciation of each other's problems. The workshops serve as a forum for mutual exchange of experiences among participating countries and also assist in evolving an appropriate conceptual framework for technical programme. The themes of the workshops are chosen keeping in view the contemporary socio-economic and other related problems in the member countries, which the member countries are facing in their rural areas.

Recognizing the importance, it is proposed to organize three (3) international workshops/seminars annually in collaboration with member countries during the triennium 2018 - 2020.

Themes of the international programmes would be based on some current issues, related to socio-economic and technological advancement, such as:

Themes of the Workshops/ Seminars

Workshops since (1982 - 2017)